Since my time began I have loved anything crafty- tossed my Barbie dolls aside in favour of 'Cutting and Sticking' and started business after business in the industry from selling handmade felt balls in the playground to soliciting business from my family and friends. 

This love of Craft has been developed by my study of Textile Crafts at University, an experience I would most definitely recommend to anyone. After the completion of my degree in 2013 I am looking into a Masters or PGCE to further my knowledge and understanding of the industry and its roll within Education. Currently I am working on a range of Handmade accessories for women and girls of all ages and hoping to develop this in the future.

I operate mainly through Etsy- an ebay for Creatives- but also do several craft fairs each year to supplement my student living. I am also looking to re-brand in the near future so keep those eyes peeled. Any feedback on my products or my site is welcomed with open arms so please leave me a comment!