Sunday, 13 November 2011

Bonfire night and beyond...

Well Bonfire night ended up being a little bit of a flop as sickness struck the boyfriend, however and, rather meanly I still went out with my family to a celebration in a town called Lewes in Sussex. 

Every year they hold a major carnival, parade type event where the people of the town gather with torches (as in fire on a stick) and dress up setting off fireworks and bangers in the street as they walk through the town. It's VERY un-P.C. and highly dangerous going against probably EVERY rule in the Health and Safety handbook but it is a fantastic event with thousands of pounds worth of fireworks going off in massive displays throughout the town after the parade.

Thanks to the illness that struck the boyfriend down and left him in bed for days we never made it to the lace exhibition after all but I still intend to go, no matter what!

Over the past few days and since we have been back I have been crafting for my life making Christmas cards, Christmas presents and many other things in preparation for the fair I am doing on Friday 18th November at Croft Primary School. I have also been selected by Manchester Craft Mafia to take part in their annual Christmas Market at the Whitworth Gallery in Manchester, ih December which is VERY exciting!

I have also discovered THE most amazing website and the cutest trimming in the world. Ribbon Girl sells buttons, ribbons, trimming and much much more. The ladies that run it (a mother and daughter team) are so great and take so much care in the presentation of your much anticipated purchases. Wrapped in tissue and individually packed in little waxed paper packets I bought some polka-dot buttons and metres of ribbon, divine twine and tiny pom pom trim- SO cute!

In other news I have a meeting with Jen Scott-Russel of H'Atelier in the next few weeks with regards to a placement after Christmas, which sounds great. Jen makes beautiful hats both bespoke and off the shelf each hand crafted to a very high standard.

So, I've been busy busy busy and will have some photos of the various things I have been up to very soon.

P.S. I saw the Coca-Cola advert on T.V in the X-Factor break the other day so Seasons Greetings as my festive season has now begun! 


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