Monday, 28 March 2011

Roll on the Good Times!

I've turned Italy down, all three of us that applied for the placement got it and were offered 4 months each as a compromise from the original 6 month placement. But I've turned it down, I'm just not the adventurous travel abroad type and besides the stuff I have organised for my placement in Devon is really exciting!

I know it's chicken of me but I'm just not brave enough, it did push me to get back in contact with Heathcoat Fabrics (which I originally got turned down for) and have now re-applied for a placement there.

Finally we have only 3 things to hand in before we finish year 2 of Uni, it's gone by too quickly. I'm so busy typing my 2 essays trying to get them done before Easter so I can have my first proper rest in 6 months. In 5 weeks I will have completed my second year and I will be half way through my degree, scary.

In the meantime I'm waiting on the results of my latest hand in (pictures to follow) and to see if I have won anything in the Bradford Textile Competition. I'll let you know as soon as I know.

Happy Crafting, x

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