Saturday, 5 February 2011

New Year, New Me...

Well, after getting back to Uni in September I've been a bad blogger, I've hardly updated and I've completely lost track of everything. So, new year, new me. New years resolutions? I don't really keep them but this year I am making a conscious effort to...
  1. Read more,
  2. Be more organised,
  3. Have a clear out,
  4. and now, to blog more.
I started a Blog for all the wrong reasons really, I did it because we got told at Uni that it was a good idea to chart progress and to start a public profile, which I guess it is- as long as you do it REGULARLY! Which I have failed to do since I went back in September, so from now on a serious effort will be made.

It's already February and I've let a whole month slip away but I have been busy. In December I took a trip back to the farm in Devon- in the snow, got a new camera (which I am very excited about and for the first time will be sharing my camera images) and then of course there was Christmas and the work for our second assessment. After Christmas there was the obligatory New Year celebrations (and more uni work) and then I began...the clear out.

This year is to be a big year, full of change. I am to complete the second year of my degree and go on my placement year. I will be moving down to Devon (the furthest I will ever have been away from home), to the farm where I will stay for 12 months and travel around to relevant work placements. As currently I have two rooms (one at home and one at uni) packed with 'stuff' I decided that with such massive change coming my way I needed to clear out and streamline. I am ashamed to say that I have shed a whole wardrobe full of clothing and at least 10 pairs of shoes already and still have almost 2 wardrobes still full of stuff! I am being selective about what I am keeping and will be holding a stall at the local car boot sale in May, along with a couple of craft fairs to try and sell my Etsy stock and hand spun yarns.

London was a fantastic trip, taken as a research week from uni, we went from 23rd-25th Jan and had a great time visiting galleries, exhibitions and fitting in a musical. We presented our work for assessment and are already ploughing full speed into the next project. With one of four modules out of the way and two halves of two other modules already gone, time is fast elapsing; before we know it will be Easter and the course will have been completed for the second year with only the I's to dot and T's to cross.

So, for the photos, that's what I really wanted to share with you all, I got a Nikon D90 for Christmas and have been enjoying being able to rent lenses and equipment from the photography department which complements it. All my pictures are unedited, unless otherwise stated...more available on my Flickr account (button at the side).
Sheep in Quad Bike Tracks
Sheep in Quad Bike Tracks
Curly Wurly
Curly Wurly
Noel- French Christmas tree decoration.
Man in the Moon
Man in the Moon- a decoration that belonged to my mum when she was little which now goes on our tree each year.
Large Scale Cable Sample
Large Scale Cable for assessment part 2.
'Beaded' Ball Sample
'Beaded' Ball Sample for assessment
Rug Tufting Sample 4
Rug Tufting and Crochet sample
Seed from the Herbarium at Kew (Macro)
Seed from the Herbarium at Kew Gardens
Glass House, Kew Gardens
Glass House, Kew
Alpine House, Kew (Wide Angle)
Alpine House, Kew
Chihuly Detail
Chihuly Glass Piece, V&A
Staircase Detail
Lloyd's Building
Lloyd's Buildings
Lloyd's Buildings
Arc of the Eye
The Arc of the Eye
The Houses of Parliament
The Houses of Parliament

There you have it, more available on Flickr and more blogs to come soon, happy crafting, x

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::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Nice to hear form you again Charlotte!

Amazing images and loving those cables!

Good luck with the clear out.