Sunday, 27 February 2011

Italy Calling...

With my placement year fast approaching I am waiting for a trip at Easter to Devon to finalise plans with several companies there, meanwhile Italy calls.

A placement opportunity has become available at Forza Giovane a company who produce trims and embroideries. The placement is for six months with accommodation paid for and only bills to not to be missed I think- especially as Italy is the only country I feel more at home in than England!

With this in mind I'm busy frantically putting together my CV and a small photographic portfolio of work which I am to submit tomorrow. So in my madness I thought I'd take a few minutes out to share my favourite with you, hope you like it...

Spiral Edging
Spiral Crochet Edging

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MissyRS said...

Gorgeous! I am - as ever - in awe of the beauty of crochet. All the very best to you. I am sure they'll be impressed! :)