Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Week 6 Assessment

WOW...the last few weeks have been super stressful. I feel like I have been busy for every second of the last few weeks and finally I have stopped. Things got so bad I felt I hardly had time to eat or sleep, 14 hour days of working on uni work for assessment and then fitting in meetings, Brownies and a relationship has been hard. But, here is the result...

Week 6 Assessment

This was my space for assessment and my work came together surprisingly well. A project based originally on doors and eventually ending at pathways focusing on layers and repetition. Not the best work ever but certainly not the worst either.

We're now moving onto the hand knit module which I am excited for, I much prefer it to the machines but they do give much quicker results. I felt I got bogged down in this project with colour so I think I will reduce my colours in the next project to working with Ecru.

Happy Knitting xx