Sunday, 10 October 2010

Today is the first day of the rest of my life...

Right, after a pretty quiet few months I have decided to, from this moment, try my hardest to stop being so down and start afresh. Since I last Blogged (properly, I do not mean that pathetic excuse of a paragraph I posted) I have been feeling so awful it's hard to describe.

Leaving the farm, and that week where I was just so happy and completely myself for the first time in ages has left a void inside of me, pathetic isn't it. Ever since then I just haven't been myself and for the last two week I have been back at uni with countless pieces of paper shoved in my direction and already deadlines loom, hanging over me. For such an organised person, I feel out of my depth and completely swamped, nothing seems to be going right.

So, here I am, starting to be normal again, feeling positive, trying to get my head above everything again! It's working already- first exclamation mark in! Ooh that makes two.

The craft fair which I was so desperately working on went surprisingly well considering that it was only at the local church. I made £80 for the weekend and had a chance to spin for pretty much two days solid, which felt good. And most of all I was really happy with how everything looked together.

My stand

My Stand

Emily Rose Corsages

Emily Rose Corsages in My First Basket

Handspun Art Yarns

My Hand Spun Yarns on my makeshift stand (camera tripod)

And straight after that it was back to uni, three modules and lots of work. Keeping on top of everything this year will be so hard! But I'm getting organised, with my matching notebooks and folders, things feel good. Lots of drawing already- which is normally the bit I avoid the most but I'm keeping at it and so far my attempts are O.K. Pictures to come soon. My theme is doorways including pathways and journeys, it's looking like I'm going to go down the sustainability route and do some research into slums and humanitarian crises and how that affects peoples homes and journeys. Could be quite exciting. Wow, I'm feeling more positive already!

I hope you like the pictures and hopefully it wont be so long before I Blog again!  Speak to you soon, x


Felted House said...

So sorry to hear you've been feeling low -I have periods myself when I feel completely overwhelmed by the pressures of life and do struggle with lack of confidence too, so I do sympathise. Your stall looks great though and you did very well for a small venue - the hanks of wool look very good hanging up. Hope you get ontop of all your work soon and feel in control of everything very soon. xx

Rachel said...

cute booth : )