Sunday, 5 September 2010

T52MMMC Week 7- Raspberry Jam

After making Jam with Kate in Devon, I decided to try my hand at it back at home. I went to our local fruit farm and picked my raspberries, washed them, weighed them, and measured out the same weight of sugar as raspberries. I heated my raspberries in a very large pan until they went soft and began to break down. I then added the sugar and continued to heat until the jam was boiling to temperature (I measured this on a jam thermometer- if you don't have one though its about 130 degrees centigrade). I let the jam boil at temperature for about 2 minutes and then scraped off the scum, popped it into jars and left it to cool. Simples!

Homemade Raspberry Jam

There are only 3 jars here in my picture but in total I managed to make 8 jars from 3 small punnets of rasperries, so I've been giving them to everyone: grandma's, godmother's, friends, the lot! x


michelle said...

You would have loved where I was yesterday Charlotte!!

There were about 6 ladies in the Craft Tent, all with spinning wheels, spinning their fibres!!

Its mesmerising, isnt it?

Funny I have always wanted a spinning wheel, not to use! Just to own one:)
Michelle x

Rachel said...

Wow, eight jars! There are few things better than homemade jam!

Rachel said...

Mmmm that jam looks delicious! x