Sunday, 19 September 2010

Bad Blogger!

My apologies, I have been a bad blogger over the last few weeks.

To be perfectly honest I have been on a major downer since I came back from Devon and am struggling to pick myself back up again. I have been busy however preparing for the local craft fair so have been crocheting and knitting away all my spare time! I have also been busy earning some pennies working enrolling new students and helping with the recent open day at uni.

When I get a spare moment I will do a proper post with pictures of all the latest creations and items I have been making.

Back soon! x

Sunday, 5 September 2010

T52MMMC Week 7- Raspberry Jam

After making Jam with Kate in Devon, I decided to try my hand at it back at home. I went to our local fruit farm and picked my raspberries, washed them, weighed them, and measured out the same weight of sugar as raspberries. I heated my raspberries in a very large pan until they went soft and began to break down. I then added the sugar and continued to heat until the jam was boiling to temperature (I measured this on a jam thermometer- if you don't have one though its about 130 degrees centigrade). I let the jam boil at temperature for about 2 minutes and then scraped off the scum, popped it into jars and left it to cool. Simples!

Homemade Raspberry Jam

There are only 3 jars here in my picture but in total I managed to make 8 jars from 3 small punnets of rasperries, so I've been giving them to everyone: grandma's, godmother's, friends, the lot! x

Vintage Finds, New Yarns and A Very Busy Few Weeks

Where to begin?

After returning from the farm I have recieved my Moo goodies in the post...

Moo Goodies

I got some new Mini Cards and treated myself to a sticker book too! They are really great, again I'm really pleased with the quality!

Then yesterday me and my mum ventured out to Ruthin Craft Centre and then into Ruthin town. Tilleke Schwartz has an exhibition at the Craft Centre at the moment and her embroideries are just unbelievable in detail, really worth a visit if you get a chance to see her work. The other exhibition there is Smile, a collection of artists put together by Mary La Trobe-Bateman showing works that really do as the title says- make you SMILE!

In Ruthin town I found a few little vintage bargains in a couple of shops and the market hall which was open being it a Saturday...

New/Old Tins

My Vintage Tins, only £4 for the lot.

New/Old Berkley Square Tin

This one is my favourite!

Basket #2

Basket Number 2, purchased for £10. I think I feel a basket collection coming on...


And finally my two stripy blue and white jugs purchased for £10 for the two!

And in between times I ventured to The Black Sheep where I purchased some yarns from their new stock, I'm particularly liking these from Debby Bliss, they're Baby Alpaca and Silk.

Debbie Bliss Andes

I plan to make some luxury Emily Rose Corsages from these, and I've been busy working on these little beauties as well in preparation for a Craft Fair at Christ Church, Croft, Warrington on the weekend of th 25th-26th September...if you're nearby come along!

New Emily Rose Corsages and Camel Cowl

Some new Emily Rose Corsages in 4 ply Alpaca and a Hand Spun and knitted Camel/Merino blend Cowl, and below: incomplete Corsages in Sublime Kid Mohair Yarn in on trend colours for A/W 2010.

Emily Rose Corsages Coming Soon

Here's hoping you like them and like I say, if you get a chance, pop along to the craft fair 25th-26th September 2010 at Christ Church Church Hall, Croft, Warrington. x

Saturday, 4 September 2010

There's no place like home, but...

Devon Is Heaven!

I have just had THE BEST week of my life so far. After the let down of not going to the farm at the end of July I made it there last Saturday. I went on the train first thing and arrived Saturday lunchtime to a very warm welcome and fruit picking. The first job was picking Raspberries and Strawberries for turning into jam later in the week. Kate and Robert (the owners of the farm) were so welcoming, they made me feel so at home, including me in discussions, decisions and really throwing me head first into farm life.

I looked after ducks, cows, sheep, geese, pigs and chickens. Rode and drove a quad bike and a tractor and fell off a quad bike, grazed my arm, got scratched by a duck, and got a blister but I can well and truly say it was the best week I have ever had. I didn't even miss home either- which for me is a big thing! 

Thursday came and it was like being thrown out of heaven back into the real world. For 5 days I got to be myself, and work hard but I truly relaxed at the same time. It made me completely re-evaluate myself and my hopes and dreams for the future. 

I'm guessing you might want some pictures of this heavenly place? Well...


One of the Red Ruby Devon cows and her calf...


Molly the Mad but Beautiful farm dog...


The little Ducklings...


The fantastic views...



And the stunning lounge...

So now I'm back at home and the daily grind. It sadly feels like I've never been away, that first night I was back home in Warrington I really missed it, I felt almost home-sick for what really had become a second home. So I hope to go again at Christmas, but for now I encourage you to go, they have bed and breakfast...but don't stay too long, leave some room for me!