Monday, 23 August 2010

Vintage Knitting

I forgot to tell you! On returning from holiday I found I had been left some old knitting bits and bobs by a family friend, my favourite of which was this...


A really funky little yarn holder in green and shaped like a beehive! Isn't it great?

I bought the needles AGES ago from Ebay- suffice to say that, realistically, there isn't a matching pair amongst them but they were really cheap and I just loved the bright colours so couldn't resist them. I was once given a brooch made from a colourful knitting needle and I guess I was thinking I could use these in the same way but never got around to it (as always!) Anyway, the beehive- it's now on my desk in pride of place, I just love it. I also got a skein holder which I used during the knitting of the Amey Cowl- named after one of my beautiful friends!

So, as a wise man once told me, "sharing is caring" so just thought I'd share the vintage knitting love! x


::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

I am so green, I ache just a little!
Beautiful, thanks for sharing.

Miss E said...

Those needles are too cute!! xx