Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A Present for A Special Friend

Today I managed to catch up with one of my very good friends that I unfortunately left behind last year when I went to Uni and sadly, didn't keep intouch. Anyway, she passed her A Level exams recently, gaining a place at Liverpool John Moores University to study Biochemical Medical Science (yes she is very clever!) and so as a reward and to say sorry for not keeping in touch I knitted her this...

Cable Cowl

Made from Jaeger 100% Wool yarn and knitted to this Quick Cabled Cowl pattern (available for free from Ravelry) by Rare Knits on Blogspot. Needless to say she was really happy with it and I hope she wears it lots and that we make up for last years lack of contact with a lot more this year.

Here's to rekindling lost friendships, x


kami @ said...

Hi Charlotte! Thanks for your nice comment this morning!

How lucky your friend is to receive that! so nice!

Kristen said...

Wow,that's very nice,I love the color.!!How I wish I could make a thing like that.I don't know how to make like that..LOL.
content spinning

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Lucky friend!!
Must check that pattern out!

Miss E said...

This is really nice as well (like your colourful needles). I've never really liked neck warmers, but seeing your picture now, I really like it and am thinking of making one. Thanks for sharing the idea!

Rachel said...

Beautiful color!