Thursday, 1 July 2010


I went to Woolfest (with my Mum) looking for inspiration and even more ideas (as if I didn't have enough buzzing around already), interesting things to add into my yarn and some unusual fibres. I had such a good time although I think I spent too much [of my Mum's] money,but fibre and yarn is just so addictive!

There was one stand that really captured my imagination with various handspun yarns, some of which I tried as soon as I got home. As always the colours of Oliver Twists stand were tantalising and eye catching- drawing money from my pocket anyway. There weren't many opportunities to take photos but I got a few so I could show you (or try to show you) the atmosphere and the range of stallholders...



Oliver Twists (above)


I purchased rather a lot of things including, blended Alpaca and Merino, some Baby Alpaca, a gorgeous red hand-dyed Boucle yarn, some Wensleydale curls and some pretty little green beads.

When I got back I started spinning straight away; blending my colours with my new drum carder from Ashford, purchased from Janet at The Threshing Barn.

This is the first yarn I did inspired by one of the Hand Spun yarns I saw at the show: I used my Wensleydale curls and some green blended merino which I mixed with some Silk throwsters and hankies which I purchased from Oliver Twists. So here it is...


"Sheep in the Grass"


And the second is a beaded yarn in which I used my blended Alpaca and Merino plyed with pure Alpaca, I am really pleased with this and it feels so soft- I think I'm going to knit a scarf out of it for the 52 Marvelous Makes Madness Challenge, here it is...


More to come soon, happy crafting x


mangocheeks said...

Its so hard to take photographs when you go to places like these. Sometiems its bes tjust to enjoy it for yourself and do what you have here. Show your finds and write about your experience. Which i've enjoyed looking at and readign about. Thanks,

LittleGem said...

Hi Charlotte,
Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog, its always lovely to find a new blog to read! I see you are doing the 52MM challenge too so I shall enjoy seeing how its going for you!
xx Gemma