Friday, 23 July 2010

Week 2 Make for T52MMMC

FINALLY here is my make for the 52 Marvelous makes Madness Challenge! It was finished in week 2, honestly Thrifty Mrs!

Knitted Blue Bow

Knitted from my new knitting book 'Knitorama' by Rachael Matthews (buy here from Amazon), given to me as a belated birthday gift from my boyfriends parents (long story as to is belatedness) I made this gorgeous knitted bow, which I aim to attach to the front of a pale grey Hoodie for the Winter months.It isn't quite to the pattern in the book as I used a thicker yarn but you get the idea!

In the meantime any other ideas for its use would be much apprecitated!

Happy knitting x


charlotte said...

make it into some kind of hairpiece, it'll look adoreable! i want one already!

Charlotte Nash said...

I was thinking of making the pattern smaller, maybe knitting it with sock yarn or something...great idea, thanks! And thank you for choosing to follow my blog! x