Friday, 9 July 2010

Marvellous Make Week 1

I decided to take part in The 52 Marvellous Makes Madness Challenge (T52MMMC for short) where by each week the crafty people out there who are taking part, make something different be it Baking, Sewing, or just general Crafting ending with 52 makes at the end of the year!

So here is my Week 1 make...Butterfly Cakes



I took the recipe from the Good Housekeeping 'Kids Cook Book'. They are supposed to be plain fairy cakes but I simply cut a circle from the middle, cut that in half, filled the hole with jam and fresh cream and stuck the two halves on top to look like butterflies (well sort of anyway)!

We used to make these in Primary school when one girl's Nanny came in to bake with each class and was deemed by one and all as 'Nanny Judy', they were fun then and these were no exception! I whipped them up on a whim when we found out my Godmother was visiting, they literally are a quick 30 minute make, perfect for the challenge! Unfortunately I got so excited with the thought of it I completely forgot about documenting the making process!

This make was on Sunday 4th July after a hectic weekend of Carnival in the local village where I live, so not the best and most crafty start to the challenge (a bit of an after though to be honest) but a great, and quick, make nonetheless!

Happy Crafting x

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A Thrifty Mrs said...

Yum they look great and very pretty too.
Thanks for taking part. I look forward to the next 51 weeks of the challenge. Good luck!