Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Finally it's finished!

FINALLY after what seems like an age (but realistically is only about a week) the 'Princess and the Pea' yarn is finally finished! No pictures yet I'm afraid- it's busy hanging to dry as I've set the twist. It's just amazing though- even if I do say so myself- pale pink and white with these lush little felted peas all dotted around...I can just see it now as a pretty little scarf for a little girl. Might try it out on my cousin for her Birthday? I will get pictures soon though, promise.

As for those other pictures I promised, of my Grandad's birthday and the fairycakes I made him, decorated on a cycling theme. I only managed to get one decent picture before my other cousins decided they 'needed' a cake! But here it is anyway...


Realistically nothing special, just bog standard fairy cakes, but technically- I am VERY proud of myself. Especially as the little bikes actually look like bikes!

So that's it, a pathetic attempt at a blog post really but I was so excited that the yarn was finished I needed to tell someone! Going fabric shopping tomorrow with my grandma and mum, should be some interesting results...

Hope you like it, happy holidays! x

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Rachel said...

They look delicious. I'm actually pathetic at decorating any cakes, my icing always comes out looking naff. xx