Monday, 19 July 2010

Feeling a little pants!

Well...where do I start. Feeling a little down hearted at the moment as the floor has royally fallen out of all my plans this week!

I was intending to go to a farm down in Devon for a working holiday this week, but due to unforeseen circumstances that's no longer the plan- therefore instead of being knee deep in sheep and goodness knows what else and being gloriously happy in the Devon sunshine I am back in Warrington (my home, home town-where Mummy and Daddy live) in the rain and a tip of a bedroom! Pah- so what else is there to do except try and make some money any other way possible, I have been a busy little bee making and consequently updating my little shop on Etsy, so here's a sneaky peek.

First up some cute little crocheted clips I made with some 'quilting clips' bought at my local Dunelm.


These are available to buy in my shop for the princely sum of about £3.00 inc. P&P (to the UK). Go to this item by clicking here.

Next some yarn I spun but neglected to blog about...


Available to purchase for around £19 (including P&P to the UK).
View item by clicking here.


And the same price again for this one (which I blogged about earlier), click here.

I have another couple of yarns to pop in my shop and some ideas for some more to spin stashed away in my brain so as this week has fallen through I guess I'll be getting down to it and hopefully making some more money in the process!

Please spread the word and view the other items in my shop in the mean time. My week 2 of T52MMMC is coming soon too!

Happy Crafting! x

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