Saturday, 31 July 2010

Bits and Bobs...and other news!

I was so excited the other day that I completely forgot to show you the bits and bobs I bought from my local fabric shop and haberdashery. Got them to go with the fabrics I bought on Wednesday, so here they are...





Not really that exciting but i just like to share them with you, any ideas for their use other than some more lavender bags would be appreciated.

Also, I have a new Facebook page to advertise my shop and blog, if you have Facebook or feel like signing up please add my new profile (Charlotte Nash Textile Crafts) as a friend. And, on the back of that...I have made a SALE! The following items have now been removed from my Etsy shop but, its not too late- never fear. If you would like a similar item I will do my best to meet your requests, please message me at or on Facebook.





Another pretty pathetic blog post really but I just like fabric, ribbon and other crafty bits and bobs! Hope you do too! x

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