Saturday, 31 July 2010

Bits and Bobs...and other news!

I was so excited the other day that I completely forgot to show you the bits and bobs I bought from my local fabric shop and haberdashery. Got them to go with the fabrics I bought on Wednesday, so here they are...





Not really that exciting but i just like to share them with you, any ideas for their use other than some more lavender bags would be appreciated.

Also, I have a new Facebook page to advertise my shop and blog, if you have Facebook or feel like signing up please add my new profile (Charlotte Nash Textile Crafts) as a friend. And, on the back of that...I have made a SALE! The following items have now been removed from my Etsy shop but, its not too late- never fear. If you would like a similar item I will do my best to meet your requests, please message me at or on Facebook.





Another pretty pathetic blog post really but I just like fabric, ribbon and other crafty bits and bobs! Hope you do too! x

Friday, 30 July 2010

That list of jobs...and my 52MMMC Week 4

As anyone who is crafty (and I mean that in the context of producing craft items) will know, there is always That List. That list of items that you have been meaning to make for what seems like eternity. For me these are the bigger projects like knitting myself a scarf, mittens and hat set from my own hand spun yarn (unstarted) and making a patchwork laptop case (patchwork complete). Projects which may have been started or the relevant items needed to make them bought but never actually getting round to making the final product.

Well, I feel a sense of achievement, and rather a large one at that. I have COMPLETED one of my items on That List! A knitting bag. Doesn't really sound like such a big deal really does it? I had had it in my mind since I went to a vintage knitting fair in Liverpool back in March and ever since then I have been collecting the items that I envisaged would make it just the way I wanted it. It all started with the handles, those gorgeous turquoise, wooden, beaded handles and the Wallace Sewell woven ribbons I bought from the Ray-Stitch stand. Right then I saw it- in my mind, a heavy bag made from furnishing fabric with those handles and a corsage made from those ribbons. I spent months looking for the fabric and found it at Abakhan Fabrics in June. Since then I have kept moving the bag that contained all the different elements from one place to another in my cluttered bedroom, until last night.

Last night I did it, from start to finish in a matter of a couple of hours. A fully lined knitting bag, the pictures...


A nightmare to take as it is the largest thing I have had to photograph...


The handles...


My handmade by label...


And the woven Wallace Sewell ribbon corsage!

A triumph, I really couldn't be happier. I was so pleased I insisted on parading round with it in front of my parents once it was finished last night! So there it is, maybe a let down after the build up but I am happy, very happy indeed!

I hope you like it, x

PS. I am also claiming this as my 52MMMC Week 4 make! (I think that's where we're upto?!)

Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Princess and the Pea...

Here are the pictures I promised...


"Now they knew she was a real princess because she had felt the pea right through twenty mattresses and the twenty eider-down beds..." Hans Christian Andersen, 1835


"Nobody but a real princess could be as sensitive as that..." Hans Christian Andersen, 1835


I think I may be in love! As I was plying this yarn, genuinely I wasn't sure but now it's done and I can see the full effect- I love it.

Other news...I knitted a really cute little baby hat the other day to match the Boutique Booties I have in my shop. I used a free pattern from Ravelry but instead of knitting it in two colours I used the same handspun yarn as I did for the booties and knit the whole thing in the same colour, probably coming soon to my shop (although I do have someone in mind to give it as a gift), here it is...


It has a twisted decrease on the top which makes a nice pattern and the i-cord for the little knot on top is just so cute!

And finally, I went material shopping yesterday and got 3 really nice prints at bargain prices per metre!


Pretty blue and white 'farmhouse' print.


Purple and white paisley style print.


And a little Laura Ashley gem.

I have a few projects in mind for these, namely some little lavender bags and knitting needle rolls, but as always I think I need a few more little scraps of ribbon and things getting together first.

Any other ideas? I have a generous meter of each, so... x

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Finally it's finished!

FINALLY after what seems like an age (but realistically is only about a week) the 'Princess and the Pea' yarn is finally finished! No pictures yet I'm afraid- it's busy hanging to dry as I've set the twist. It's just amazing though- even if I do say so myself- pale pink and white with these lush little felted peas all dotted around...I can just see it now as a pretty little scarf for a little girl. Might try it out on my cousin for her Birthday? I will get pictures soon though, promise.

As for those other pictures I promised, of my Grandad's birthday and the fairycakes I made him, decorated on a cycling theme. I only managed to get one decent picture before my other cousins decided they 'needed' a cake! But here it is anyway...


Realistically nothing special, just bog standard fairy cakes, but technically- I am VERY proud of myself. Especially as the little bikes actually look like bikes!

So that's it, a pathetic attempt at a blog post really but I was so excited that the yarn was finished I needed to tell someone! Going fabric shopping tomorrow with my grandma and mum, should be some interesting results...

Hope you like it, happy holidays! x

Friday, 23 July 2010

Week 2 Make for T52MMMC

FINALLY here is my make for the 52 Marvelous makes Madness Challenge! It was finished in week 2, honestly Thrifty Mrs!

Knitted Blue Bow

Knitted from my new knitting book 'Knitorama' by Rachael Matthews (buy here from Amazon), given to me as a belated birthday gift from my boyfriends parents (long story as to is belatedness) I made this gorgeous knitted bow, which I aim to attach to the front of a pale grey Hoodie for the Winter months.It isn't quite to the pattern in the book as I used a thicker yarn but you get the idea!

In the meantime any other ideas for its use would be much apprecitated!

Happy knitting x

A Very Busy Bee and Week 3 Make for T52MMMC

I know you're thinking I've missed week 2 of the 52MMMC but I promise it's coming soon, it was finished in week 2 but I'm so excited to show you everything from this week I have to spill that first so, I really have been a busy little bee this week (so far)...

Monday- I blogged and in the evening, to cheer myself up (from not going to the farm), I went to pick up something from IKEA (I's like a major sin: a crafter, loving all things handmade and unique buying from a mass produced furniture shopping market! But let's face it it like Marks and Spencer Undies, we all have them!) So, when I went a few weeks ago to grab a bookshelf for my new room at my student house I saw this and never gave it a second thought, until...Monday. It struck me that instead of having all my hand spun yarns (which I have so lovingly created) stuffed away in a draw where they cannot possibly be appreciated, I could- using this beautiful little IKEA wonder- produce a piece of colourful door art! So here it is in the making...



Photographed here on my bathroom door at Mummy and Daddy's (where I am Summer resident) to get some decent light, is the hanging storage solution and bright door hanging in the making. All these yarns are available to buy in my Etsy shop but in the meantime (while they fail to sell) I can enjoy them in all their glory! Thank you IKEA!

So, Tuesday...I added two yarns to my door hanger (on the image abouve as I am lazy and took the pick today!), which are yet to be put on my Etsy shop, the Wensleydale curls trimming yarn (perfect for knitting/crocheting into a collar and personalising/revitalising an old jumper) and the lilac and lime yarn.


Wensleydale, so lush and curly...


In two of my favourite colours!

And on top of all this spinning, mid afternoon, I decided to make some little Lavender bags to hang in my wardrobe in Huddersfield (student house) which I have inherited from a boy who had my room last year and it is relatively new pine, so as you can imagine- it has a rather strange odour. But hopefully these pretty little hearts should do just the trick! (and I'm claiming them as my week 3 make in the 52MMMC!)



And I was feeling so generous, I made my mummy one too!


While I was sewing I also popped out a crochet hook case (for my Etsy shop...coming soon!)


Wednesday we took a trip over to Huddesfield (me and my mummy) to check on the house- and I forgot to take my Lavender Hearts which I made especially! Doh! Then in the evening I carded and spun the bases for two yarns, one of which is still incomplete but the other I finished on...

...Thursday. My mummy was ill so I played nurse and looked after her, and did some more spinning in the meantime (poorly people sleep alot)! I finished the 'Under the Sea' yarn which I started on Wednesday...


Hopefully it will make it into my shop soon, there's enough for a cute little hat for a baby boy, or girl and as it's merino it's super soft too! I just love the colours though... My other yarn is going to be entitled 'The Princess and the Pea' and is a mixed fibre yarn with BFL (Blue Faced Leicester), Merino, Banana Fibre, Bamboo Tops and Angelina Fibre in pale pinks and white and onto it I'm going to add little green felt balls to look like peas threaded on a shiny sewing thread in either pink or silver, I can't decide. This has set me off on what I think will be a range of Fairytale yarns for little people projects, I love kids knits they can be so much more exciting than grown ups!

And finally, today- really I have been rather lazy having a day of nosying at other peoples blogs and making my Grandad some fairy cakes for his Birthday tomorrow, decorated on a cycling theme (as that's his hobby). Photos of them will be along next week but for now, that's it! Phew!

Rather a lot to take in I know but at least no one can say I'm just another lazy student!

Happy Crafting, and please comment! x

Monday, 19 July 2010

Feeling a little pants!

Well...where do I start. Feeling a little down hearted at the moment as the floor has royally fallen out of all my plans this week!

I was intending to go to a farm down in Devon for a working holiday this week, but due to unforeseen circumstances that's no longer the plan- therefore instead of being knee deep in sheep and goodness knows what else and being gloriously happy in the Devon sunshine I am back in Warrington (my home, home town-where Mummy and Daddy live) in the rain and a tip of a bedroom! Pah- so what else is there to do except try and make some money any other way possible, I have been a busy little bee making and consequently updating my little shop on Etsy, so here's a sneaky peek.

First up some cute little crocheted clips I made with some 'quilting clips' bought at my local Dunelm.


These are available to buy in my shop for the princely sum of about £3.00 inc. P&P (to the UK). Go to this item by clicking here.

Next some yarn I spun but neglected to blog about...


Available to purchase for around £19 (including P&P to the UK).
View item by clicking here.


And the same price again for this one (which I blogged about earlier), click here.

I have another couple of yarns to pop in my shop and some ideas for some more to spin stashed away in my brain so as this week has fallen through I guess I'll be getting down to it and hopefully making some more money in the process!

Please spread the word and view the other items in my shop in the mean time. My week 2 of T52MMMC is coming soon too!

Happy Crafting! x

Friday, 9 July 2010

Marvellous Make Week 1

I decided to take part in The 52 Marvellous Makes Madness Challenge (T52MMMC for short) where by each week the crafty people out there who are taking part, make something different be it Baking, Sewing, or just general Crafting ending with 52 makes at the end of the year!

So here is my Week 1 make...Butterfly Cakes



I took the recipe from the Good Housekeeping 'Kids Cook Book'. They are supposed to be plain fairy cakes but I simply cut a circle from the middle, cut that in half, filled the hole with jam and fresh cream and stuck the two halves on top to look like butterflies (well sort of anyway)!

We used to make these in Primary school when one girl's Nanny came in to bake with each class and was deemed by one and all as 'Nanny Judy', they were fun then and these were no exception! I whipped them up on a whim when we found out my Godmother was visiting, they literally are a quick 30 minute make, perfect for the challenge! Unfortunately I got so excited with the thought of it I completely forgot about documenting the making process!

This make was on Sunday 4th July after a hectic weekend of Carnival in the local village where I live, so not the best and most crafty start to the challenge (a bit of an after though to be honest) but a great, and quick, make nonetheless!

Happy Crafting x

Thursday, 1 July 2010


I went to Woolfest (with my Mum) looking for inspiration and even more ideas (as if I didn't have enough buzzing around already), interesting things to add into my yarn and some unusual fibres. I had such a good time although I think I spent too much [of my Mum's] money,but fibre and yarn is just so addictive!

There was one stand that really captured my imagination with various handspun yarns, some of which I tried as soon as I got home. As always the colours of Oliver Twists stand were tantalising and eye catching- drawing money from my pocket anyway. There weren't many opportunities to take photos but I got a few so I could show you (or try to show you) the atmosphere and the range of stallholders...



Oliver Twists (above)


I purchased rather a lot of things including, blended Alpaca and Merino, some Baby Alpaca, a gorgeous red hand-dyed Boucle yarn, some Wensleydale curls and some pretty little green beads.

When I got back I started spinning straight away; blending my colours with my new drum carder from Ashford, purchased from Janet at The Threshing Barn.

This is the first yarn I did inspired by one of the Hand Spun yarns I saw at the show: I used my Wensleydale curls and some green blended merino which I mixed with some Silk throwsters and hankies which I purchased from Oliver Twists. So here it is...


"Sheep in the Grass"


And the second is a beaded yarn in which I used my blended Alpaca and Merino plyed with pure Alpaca, I am really pleased with this and it feels so soft- I think I'm going to knit a scarf out of it for the 52 Marvelous Makes Madness Challenge, here it is...


More to come soon, happy crafting x