Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Spinning at The Threshing Barn

Well quickly I HAVE to say that Woolfest was AMAZING!! (Blog to follow soon!)

But...before I get onto that I feel I should fulfill my promise to tell you about all the wisdom Janet passed on to me the other week with regards to spinning. I had the most wonderful day down at The Threshing Barn; I had prepared some bits and bobs before I went and spent the day learning and creating some really lush and funky yarns!

So, here are the pictures...


First a pink, chunky, slubby yarn in Merino plied with one of the samples I got in the Fibreholics sample box- this is just so soft it's unbelievable; the only thing I'm disappointed with is that I spun in some sparkly ric-rac braid with the subbly base and it looked rubbish!


Next my beaded purple yarn- I am really pleased with this! It was spun with a thick clockwise and a thin anticlockwise, plied anticlockwise; holding the thin ply tight allowing the thicker to wrap around it forming 'beads' on the yarn. Again it's in Merino and feels so nice to the touch- it's not so even all over but for my first attempt I'm really pleased and will definitely do another like it!


Then there's this little gem- literally it sparkles- its got lots of little beads all over threaded onto silk hanky (unspun) plied around a crazy carded pink base with silk waste and throwsters to add texture!


But this has to be my favourite! I LOVE IT! A mixed merino and fabric cabled yarn (2 2 plys plied together) The base is a mix of colours that were taken from the silk fabric I spun it with and the result is a really chunky colourful art yarn- Lush!


And last but by no means least my first attempt at a boucle yarn! Not so good but I understand the principle now at least- very time consuming!

So as you can see I had a really busy day, producing lots of exciting results! I hope you like them!

Happy Browsing x


xxloublouxx said...

Pretty yarns :D looks like you enjoyed spinning them!

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