Monday, 21 June 2010

Pretty Little Flower

So, I planned to do this when I had completed my hat but I just didn't have the right yarn at the time- but....when I took my visit to the Black Sheep to get my cotton yarn (for Flannel #2) I found (in the bargain £1 bin) a ball of the most gorgeous mustard coloured Mohair yarn by Jaeger no less! Well I just had to have it and when I got home it struck me that this would be THE perfect yarn for the corsage I had in my mind for on my hat!

So here it is...



I crocheted three separate ruffled circles and attached them together using a red button with a brooch pin on the reverse so the corsage can be worn separately from the hat to wear as a brooch, decorate a bag or maybe attached to a piece of ribbon and used as a hair band? So many possibilities for this one simple little item!

So now I'm in love with the pattern- it's just SO easy! I've got another two done just not photographed yet and when I get around to it I will write the pattern down and get it on here so you can have a go too!

Also on the way is a new yarn which I spun at the weekend and the results of the amazing day I spent with my spinning teacher/mentor Janet from The Threshing Barn! My new yarn is a coil in Maroon and Navy- the texture of it is simply lush!

Any how, that's to come but it's Woolfest this weekend AND I'm getting a drum carder which I am sooo excited about! Woolfest is just the perfect opportunity to get some really interesting fibres to try it out with so that will hopefully be on the way soon too. I'm at such a frustrating point though with my spinning and I just don't know what to do- I've had all these possibilities opened up to me by Janet and now I've got too many ideas and I can't spin them fast enough to get them out of my system! Aargh!

Happy Knitting from a frustrated spinner x

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