Thursday, 3 June 2010

A New Era

So, here begins my blog...A little about myself- I am currently studying for a BA(Hons) degree in Textile Crafts at Huddersfield University and have chosen to specialise in knit. I recently completed my first year and am now enjoying a long summer break; during which I intend to get my craft on!

I am a knitter by specialism but also enjoy all things to go with textiles in general. I enjoy little sewing projects, have dabbled in embroidery and am now a keen spinner of my own yarns.

I thought I would begin by showing you a couple of little projects I have recently completed and then following blogs (I hope) will be about interesting exhibitions, shows, shops, galleries, other projects, experiences and anything really that inspires me creatively!

I have only recently taken up spinning and visited Wonderwool Wales 24th-25th April (post to follow) where I was amazed by the amount of supplies available to those with a love of all things yarn and fibre. As a result of Wonderwool I produced this gorgeous Candy Stripe yarn with some hand painted Shetland tops and Bluefaced Leicester.

The yarn is 2 ply, each single is spun clockwise and plied together anti-clockwise. I found the Bluefaced Leicester much nicer and smoother to spin compared with the Shetland which felt like it was snapping in my fingers as I drew the fibre. I am pleased with the yarn, it looks really bright and funky and should knit well as a Dounble Knit (DK) or Worsted weight yarn.

This yarn is available for purchase in my shop on Etsy:

My next item is a project I found on Ravelry and which you can view under my projects by clicking on the Ravelry link (above). They are also available to purchase on Etsy!


I knitted a pair of these booties from a yarn I had in my stash for a friend and then decided to produce another pair from Handspun Yarn using some fibre I bought from Wingham Wool Work. I used the pattern i found on Ravelry and knitted them from another 2 ply yarn of DK weight. This time the yarn was one ply Cashmere (from Wingham) and one ply Baby Alpca (from Wonderwool Wales). The yarn was spun in the same way as the last and the result is a super soft yarn that makes these Booties just adorable!

As a newbie spinner I was really proud of the fine quality of the yarn for the luxury booties and as would be expected the cashmere was simply lush to spin! I hope to develop more skills in spining and produce some more artisan style yarns with the help of my friend Janet.

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