Monday, 7 June 2010

Circular Knitting...

I have never knitted on a circular needle before apart from one very small and sad sample that I did for a technical file at uni. I thus decided to grab the bull by the horns or in my case the round needle and yarn and give it a go! I found a simple pattern on Ravelry for a very simple slouch hatand cast on.

I used a yarn from my stash that I bought from a vintage knitting fair in Liverpool called 'Make Do and Knit', it was purchased from KraftyKoala and is a Double Knit (DK) yarn in 'Damson in Distress'.

My first round (cast on) was a little slack at the beginning but I undid my knot once my hat was complete and darned in the loose end, apart from that I managed quite well. I had to use the 'magic loop' technique as the plastic length between the needles was too long- this is really confusing if you have never knitted in the round before but once you get the hand of it, you're good to go.

Cast on the desired amount of stitches required and slide them to the middle of the joining plastic, then pull the plastic in a loop between the central stitches, slide the first cast on stitches up onto the left hand needle and then begin to knit them onto the right hand needle using the working yarn on the other end of the length of stitches- joining the two ends together. MAKE SURE the stitches are not twisted round the needle when you join the two ends together as this can result in a lot of confusion! However, if your confused simply by my instructions there are plenty of videos on YouTube to help you!


This is my finished hat, the colour isn't done justice to really in this image but you get an idea of the shape. Hope you like it!

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